We moved together 1988 and we were married 6.8.1994


 I am a gsd-devotee in 3rd generation. Her grandfather got his first gsd in 1928. Since that there has always been gsds in family.

 I got the kennelname Vincos in mid 1970. At that time she was  breeding gsd and welsh corgi pembrokes.

 I have participated trials almost 50 years. First at the Finnish national  trials (trackingtrials, messengertrials) and later SchH. She has been competiting in SchH-Championships with several different dogs. Finnish Championship she won 1999. She been twice in Finnish Team at the WUSV Championships. Now  she is training Xorro v. Smaragdwald



 I have been working with gsd more than 4 decennies. I got the kennelname Bacteroides 1975 and I was breeding with this kennelname later with Riitta Lapinleimu. I gave this kennelname to Riitta Lapinleimu 1990.

 I got FCI conformation judge competition for gsd  1975 and  SV-Judge competition 1985-2014 (because of age 70 years )

 I am now also WUSV judge 2014-

 I'm also SV-regognized breed-surveyer (Körmeister) for Finland since 2004. I have been judgin in more than 10 different countries.

 I have been member of the board of directors in SV-Finland since 1973. Presiden of the club I have been 2007 - 2010. I'm honorary member n:o 2 in our club. I have also been member of the board of directors in WUSV2002-2014.